You name it, Athens offers wedding venues from a cosmopolitan and luxury hotels at the Athenian Riviera, exclusive estates, chic restaurants by the water to an Athens hotel overlooking the Acropolis.  Imagine your wedding reception in Athens in a hotel venue overlooking the Acropolis.


Reenact romantic scenes from all time classics. Greece’s islands have mystified movie producers worldwide and served as the main backdrop for many movies. Tie the knot with the green backdrop of Skiathos and live out Mama Mia moments ..!


Bonding Time. Welcome your joint venture at the beauties of Paros Island with friends and family. This is a fun island with its water sports beach bars and bar restaurants at night, can help you relax during your wedding preparations knowing your guests are having a great time while waiting for the big day.


Smart Spending. Wedding celebrations could be quite costly, especially if they are held away from home and accommodation for friends and family is also added to the equation. Poros Island is an ideal setting for a ‘budget wedding’; the lush isle just a short car and boat ride from Athens has a picturesque chapel on the heart shaped island of Daskalio. Guests can be transferred to the chapel by boat from a hotel private marina and enjoy a romantic reception and modern accommodation at reasonable prices.


Keep it Private. Destination weddings usually have the closest friends and family in attendance and greater effort is put into entertaining the whole wedding party in order to create a more memorable, highly personal event… What better than to celebrate your start at THE party-island, Mykonos. Many places can host the ceremony at quaint chapels and the reception at exquisite pool lounges.


So many are those who are enchanted by the excellent pictures of the island and wanted to join their lives near the dreamy shores. For receptions couples choose some of the picturesque taverns or restaurants , or even in hotel restaurants .


Stunning natural scenery, beautiful golden sand beaches spread before the shimmering Aegean and Mediterranean seas, a wonderfully verdant interior scattered with traditional Monasteries and villages, where life carries on much as it has done for centuries, combine all this with the best year on year sunshine record anywhere in Greece to produce an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation that is hard to better anywhere in the world.

Spetses – Porto Heli

Spetses was one of the first Greek islands to attract waves of tourists, the island offers visitors beautiful beaches, picturesque bays, interesting archaeological and other tourist facilities. It is one of the popular destinations for weekends and holidays all year round.The island excites the visitor with its lush pine – forested landscapes and crystal waters. The historic character of Spetses is apparent everywhere. It should be noted that the traffic is limited but not prohibited and that the island moves us with horses, mules, donkeys and boats by sea. Spetses island has everything for a perfect holiday. It offers accommodations and hotels for every budget, many wonderful beaches, a vibrant nightlife mainly at the old port , various restaurants, bars and cafes.


A “noisy” wedding… choose Crete for your special day where celebrations take a whole new meaning. Traditional dancing, local delicacies, the “raki” and the distinctive “lyra” instrument will definitely mark this day for a lifetime! If Crete is your choice, then relish in one it its luxurious villas and live the utter privacy and relaxation with your beloved one!


Leave the worrying to everyone else. Discover Santorini ’s magnificence and its romantic setting without worrying too much about the preparations of the big day, which will be wholly undertaken by an experienced event planner at the venue of your choice.


The magical, cosmopolitan, gorgeous island of Hydra has become an enormously popular spot for destination weddings. Only an hour and a half from Athens, we can create a unique and tasteful ceremony and reception. A variety of venues are available to choose from: have your wedding on a private terrace overlooking the Saronic, on the beach at sunset, or under the gazebo by Hydra’s canons. Arrive at the ceremony by boat or horse, accompanied by Greek musicians. Finish off the evening off with a burst of fireworks.

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