Summer wedding in Greece, where stunning sceneries create the perfect setting …

  1. Go Barefoot. Opt for a laidback, on-the-beach reception.
  2. Two-in-One. Make it special for everyone by combining the celebration with a romantic honeymoon in one destination.
  3. Experience a traditional Greek wedding. Create a truly unique experience, and have your Big Fat Greek Wedding with savory foods, plenty of wine, singing and dancing.
  4. Live the Extreme. If the classic wedding reception doesn’t fit your character as a couple, plan your wedding around your favorite water sports activity.
  5. Choose from the various Chic boutique hotels, unique luxury 5 stars hotels or traditional guest houses of the Greek islands in order to make your wedding journey a unique and relaxing experience.
  6. A popular option these years is to get married on the beach. Getting married near water on a sunny summer day is a great option. Being close to water will also make the reception perfect, because it will cool off a little the hot summer day.
  7. Romantic sunsets, beautiful beaches, the pure blue sea colour and other hidden beauties make Greece and its islands a paradise to be discovered.  That is why Greece is one of the world’s most unforgettable wedding destinations!
  8. Most couples are choosing the Greek island for a destination wedding due to the indescribably beautiful scenery: gorgeous crimson sunsets and whitewashed houses perched above the deep blue Aegean Sea create the most romantic environment imaginable. Greece offers an almost limitless number of choices ranging from less-frequented spots to more polished environments, depending on your tastes.  It is an understatement to say that they are all out of this world!
  9. You can even try the traditional donkey ride for the bride to the church, complete with a Greek band. We can help co-ordinate and organizeeverything for your dream destination wedding.
  10. You are in Greece! It’s your wedding! You have chosen your event planner!  You’ve flown somewhere romantic, unspoilt and perfect for your  wedding. And to top it all off, you don’t even have to travel anywhere for your honeymoon. What else can you dream of ? Enjoy 🙂

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